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Functional Health

We understand the value of having all aspects of your healthcare under one roof. Our clinic offers Functional Health services, such as ordering and interpreting labs, counseling on nutrition and detoxification, and making specific supplement recommendations based on your health goals. Within the Functional Health appointments, our doctors are able to help explain and create healthcare plans for a variety of diagnosis. Ultimately, our goal remains to see freedom from diagnosis, reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, and symptomatology.


Beginning your journey in our Functional Health program is initiated with a complimentary 15min phone call with one of our doctors.

Let's connect to see where you'd fit best - call to set up a complimentary phone consultation.  We can point you in the right direction.


Functional health appointments


This all encompassing appointment aims to identify root causes of health challenges, including past and present exposures to toxins. Testing included in this appointment: Comprehensive Health History, Bio Impedence Analysis, Cellular Toxicity, Hydration, Cellular Energy, Cellular Inflammation, Neurotoxicity Questionnaire, and Vision Contrast Screening. Results are reviewed immediately. 4 hour fast is required.

Available In Person or By Phone

Available In Person or By Phone

We have a relationship with several labs that offer cutting edge testing for virtually any need. Contact us at 763-425-4577 for a complimentary phone call if you have more specific questions. 

Nutrition & Toxicity Assessment

30 minute nutrition & toxicity
follow up appointment

60 minute nutrition & toxicity
follow up appointment



Food Allergy
& Other Testing Needs

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