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At Revolution, a good pillow really does go a long way. We have seen patients improve from all sorts of neck pain and symptoms by purchasing a good pillow. We usually recommend a few various pillows depending upon your goals and the way you sleep. Ideally, sleeping on your back is the number one way to sleep (best for neck corrections & wrinkles - ladies). Secondly, sleeping on your side is next and lastly, we highly recommend to try to not sleep on your stomach. Here are the pillows we recommend. *Note we never recommend a feather pillow as they do not stay in place and most patients with the worst necks typically have feather pillows. We can order anyone of these pillows for you as well. 






A great transition pillow for those needing to train themselves to sleep on their back for ideal neck correction and long term prevention of degeneration. We liket this pillow because the foam is not memory foam and thus stays in place to help push back and mold the neck when you sleep on your back. In comparison, you don't want memory foam pillows as they typically flatten with the heat from your neck.  It's good to note this pillow does allow you to sleep on your side. 











Bones Pillow:


This is the pillow we recommend best for patients with known neck disc issues and chronic neck pain. The Bones pillow allow for neck molding to happen while you sleep. Most patients report the muscles, discs and ligaments then get a break at night and allow for inflammation to decrease while you sleep. Most patients will report waking up with no neck aches and occurences of headaces decrease tremendously.  An added bonus is this pillow is very easy to travel with. 

















My Pillow:


For our patients who just seem to not be able to sleep on their back. The My Pillow is recommended (though we have to note, neck molding wont necessarily occur and can delay neck correction as you are going through your chiropractic care program. However, the my pillow locks in place and is gaureenteed for 10 years. The trick for this pillow is to find one that fits the distance from your neck to your shoulders as you lay on your side. If you want us 
























The trend for mattresses are to be able to appeal to 2 very important items. Comfort and toxicity levels found in the synthetic materials they use to make mattresses. While the prices vary all over. Our general recommendation is for your body to be supported while you sleep and harder beds are not necessarily best for backs. Understanding pressure points and what an unsupportive bed can do, really does matter for overall health and wellness. In addition, most beds are made with synthetic materials that off-gas toxic fumes. Below are a few articles to read to fully understand the information before you buy.













YES! They are a great tool that we love to recommend for overall health and support. Whether you suffer from plantar fascitis, foot issues, knee pain, lowback pain, and overall fatigue or just want to make sure your arches are supported through everyday life. Orthotics are recommended for all, especially as we age or if you have a job where you are on your feet often. As we age the ligaments in our feet become lax or loose. The bones in the feet are supported by those ligaments. Wearing arch supports help to support the feet from the wear and tear of gravity and everyday life. When your arches are supported, the knees, back, spine and muscles can all work together in unison together. 


At Revolution we have found a company that we trust and are local to the Minnesota. Marathon Orthotics, is a great company that goes above and beyond customer satisfaction and at a price that most everyone can afford. Their competitors don't even come close to the quality and price. 


When you are ready to order your orthotics let us know and we will custom fit your feet at the Revolution office. The turn around time is 2 weeks. Cost is only $160 in comparison to $300-500. The orthotics last many years and can help to reverse future issues of knee, hip and back pain issues. 
























We recommend Healthy Indoor Air Products. HERE is their website to learn more why indoor air quality is very important. 






Due to the daily wear and tear of looking down, sleeping oddly, texting, reading and just in general back and neck weakness our neck curvatures will start to lose their curvature. They are supposed to be in a C shape as it supports the nervous system or what we call "the arc of life". This Arc of Life allows our nervous system to flow and to not be restricted. If you start to lose that curve your disc heights and degeneration will start to set in thus allowing for advanced issues and symproms. To help offset this daily occurrance of life wear and tear, traction is a wonderful tool to incorporate. Traction allows for the discs to stay hydrated and it allows for gentle molding of the neck to be in that "ideal" C-shape. Watch the videos below to further understand why we are so dedicated to making sure you have a great neck curve as it is highly important in your long term health and wellness.

ODDS & ENDS: Questions & Answers for our REV Patients

The questions answered below are the typical question we recieve from patients on a daily basis. Let us know if you don't see a question that you may have.


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