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Who We Are & Our Stories >> 

We are a small army of working moms who believe together, we can actually change the world for the better. We hope you become inspired by our stories of hope and healing. Our stories power us on this mission. We would love to have a hand in your legacy and journey.



Suzy Youngquist, D.C. - Chiropractor, Founder of Revolution Wellness Center


Dr. Suzy's Story: Inspired by a real life story of watching her mom’s life transform through holistic health care, Dr. Suzy has a passion to teach and equip others on how to reclaim their lives and well-being. Since opening Revolution’s doors in 2008, Dr. Suzy's passion for education and equipping has touched thousands of lives through lifestyle education events hosted by her clinic. She has hosted nationally renowned authors and speakers such as Jordan Rubin, Dr. Daniel Pompa, Del Bigtree and Joseph Cavanaugh. Dr. Suzy is a wellness educator at top Minneapolis based corporations such as Target Corp and has been a frequent guest speaker at health and wellness conferences locally and nationally.  She is known to speak on topics such as Cellular Healing, The Anti Inflammatory Diet, Gut Health, Hormone Health, and Children’s Health. Revolution Wellness Center is a Health Center of the Future, and was nationally recognized in 2014. Dr. Suzy’s personal journey through the premature birth of her first baby (Ethan, 28 weeks) ignited a passion within her to be an advocate and voice for this generation of children. She carried her second and third babies (Eva & Emmanuel) full term and presently is the extremely grateful mom of three incredible world changers, and wife to an extremely supportive husband, Rob.   


Celia McDougle, D.C. - Chiropractor


Dr. Celia's Story:

Having been adjusted since birth, Dr. Celia intimately understands the power of facilitating the body’s natural design to heal. She has personally experienced triumph over injury and illness through the mindful practice of trusted chiropractors, which sparked her desire to enter the holistic healthcare field. Dr. Celia earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from St. Catherine University in 2013, and graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2017.  She is passionate about providing exemplary care to her patients, while educating them on the multitude of ways to live a life of healing and wholeness. Her special interests include prenatal, newborn and infant care; she holds a certificate of completion in Infant and Prenatal Cranial Sacral Therapy. 


Dr. Celia is wife to her beloved champion, Matt, who shares her love of a natural approach to health and family life as they raise their two beautiful children.


Stephanie Rower, D.C. - Chiropractor

Dr. Stephanie's Story: Dr. Stephanie received her Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Northwestern Health Science University in 2011. She was certified in acupuncture in 2012. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physiology from the University of Minnesota. She loves being able to help people. Dr. Stephanie was always interested in natural health care while growing up and logically decided to go the chiropractic route for care and wanted to teach others about the benefits of chiropractic. She realized good health was possible to achieve through proper nutrition, spinal alignment, and physical fitness. While at Northwestern Health Science University, Dr. Stephanie started training for her first triathlon and saw how much regular chiropractic care helped her to achieve her goals. She believes that a healthy lifestyle includes four key components: well balanced nutrition, proper body mechanics, stretching, and exercise. Dr. Stephanie has found success in treating patients of all ages with common issues such as neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle pain. She also enjoys working with pregnant women and babies as personal experience has taught her many things.

Dr. Stephanie has a passion for cooking, yoga, swimming, biking, and enjoying the outdoors with her family. She recently moved back to Minneapolis with her husband and young children after serving communities in other cities. Dr. Stephanie looks forward to continuing her chiropractic and acupuncture practice which will allow her to teach her passion in natural health care to her patients while allowing their body to function optimally by clearing out interference from spinal and extremity misalignments.


Dr. Crystal Micoley, D.C. - Chiropractor

Dr. Crystal’s Story: Dr. Crystal's first experience with chiropractic care was at the age of 18 when she started working as a chiropractic assistant. Initially interested in going to physical therapy school, she quickly discovered the profound impact that the chiropractic adjustment could have on the body. Inspired, she decided she wanted to help people in a way that allowed their own bodies do what they were created to do, be healthy. She received both her Bachelors in Human Biology and doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University, graduating from the chiropractic program in April, 2019. Her passion is helping people live their happiest and healthiest lives by empowering them to take ownership over their bodies and their health. 


Dr. Elizabeth Johnson - Chiropractor

Elizabeth's Story: Dr. Elizabeth received her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Health Sciences from the University of Minnesota Rochester in 2016 and her Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2020. She was introduced to the beauty and power of chiropractic while attending college and feels passionate about spreading her knowledge to everyone she meets. Dr. Elizabeth believes that education is the foundation and catalyst for transforming lives and families. Her heart and hands love to care for mamas-to-be and kiddos of all ages and stages of life. She is continually educating herself on best practices for treating the pediatric and prenatal population and holds a certificate of completion in infant cranial sacral therapy. Dr. Elizabeth is married to her highschool sweetheart, Cody, and lives in Ramsey with their two golden retrievers. 


Jenna Kelly - Chiropractic Assistant

Jenna's Story: Jenna received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in Global Studies in 2008. Her and her husband, Paul, have been on the journey towards health and wellness in all areas of life for the past 3 years and since becoming patients of Revolution, they’ve seen the positive impact chiropractic care has had on them and their family! She loves to learn and endeavoring into the holistic realm of health and fitness is a life-long dream in the making.


Working directly with the patients at the front desk is her joy as she connects the stories of transformative healing to personal lives. She’s energized by executing efficient work flows and getting to play a role in the health journey of others!


When not at the desk, you’ll find her working out with Paul, loving on their 4 kids, trying her hand at a new recipe, or spending time with friends!


Jill - Chiropractic Assistant


Jill's Story: 

Jill attended the University of MN, Duluth where she majored in Elementary Ed with a minor in Early Childhood and an emphasis in Music. Just shy of graduating, she realized her real passion was in serving one family at a time, which led to many years as a professional nanny. She and husband Scott welcomed 3 children, and life shifted slowly from doing childcare to teaching their own children and becoming a leader in the local homeschool community.

Recently retired from many years of directing Wings Homeschool Group, Jill remembered a thought she had many years ago while visiting Rev with her children. While sports, music, field trips and volunteering filled the spare moments of their homeschool life, it was this:  “I’d love to work at Rev some day!” As the Lord would have it, a position opened soon after recalling that thought, and Jill enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity.


When not at Rev, Jill loves spending time with family, singing in her church choir, catching up with friends, and keeping up on the medical/personal freedom arena.

Rev Chiro 2019-0117.jpg

Alayna Sonntag - Administrative Director

Alayna's Story: 

You may recognize Alayna from several years ago. She stepped away for a time to serve in Early Childhood, working at the same school in which her son is enrolled. She is thrilled to be back at Revolution again as the Administrative Director.


Alayna is married and Mom to a 5 year old son. She is a lifelong learner with a heart for education and service, which has flowed so well in th clinical setting — especially learning in the areas of x-ray, supplements & nutrition. When she’s not running the day to day operations of the clinic, you’ll find her drinking coffee, camping, indoor rock climbing and spending time with her family. She loves the impact chiropractic has on both individuals & families, especially new Moms and their babies. 

Meg Headshot August 2019.jpg

Meg - Creative Director


Meg's Story: Meg grew up with a love of natural health. She graduated with her BSN in 2012 and now, 10 years later, is a homeschooling Mama to her four daughters. 

Megan and her husband, Dustin, have seen the positive influence that holistic health & the chiropractic lifestyle has had in their own lives and the lives of their daughters, who have been adjusted since birth.


When Meg is not working behind the scenes at Revolution, she enjoys cooking, baking, home decorating, organization, photography and being with her family. 


Christina Ridgeway - Public Relations & Events


Christina's Story:

Christina is a 2007 graduate of the University of MN – Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Business Management from the Carlson School of Management. She was instrumental in bringing Revolution Wellness Center to life with her sister, Dr. Suzy, in the Fall of 2008 as Office Manager up until 2014. 

After a season of being away to launch a business with her husband, Christina returned to Revolution in 2019 to join the ‘Special Ops’ team – with a focus on Public Relations, Events and Projects. She says her first love will always be working at the front desk & literally seeing patients’ health and lives transformed through the combination of chiropractic care and a loving team of hope-filled practitioners.

Outside of Revolution, Christina is involved in her church and community Bible Study. She & her husband Paul live in Plymouth with their three daughters: Sophia, Isabel and Charlotte. 


Lisa Carlson - Director of Zing Programming

Lisa's Story: 

Lisa Carlson is Revolution’s Director of Zing Performance and a Certified Health Coach. She is married and Mom to 3 grown sons, one of whom has autism. Her journey with her middle son brought her into the arena of Natural Health over 20 years ago. 


Lisa has previous experience working with Brain Balance as a Nutritional Consultant, Center and Program Director, and is on Ancient Nutrition’s Healthcare Practitioner Team. She has extensive knowledge in nutritional support products and homeopathic remedies. 


Lisa has owned her own alternative health company for over 20 years and she is passionate about helping individuals and families on their health & wellness journeys — specifically Moms of children with Special Needs and young children facing challenges in school, learning and behavioral challenges. 

Lori July 2020.jpg

Lori Haataja - Massage Therapist


Lori's Story: Lori fell in love with massage in 2000 when she began attending classes on Young Living Essential Oils and experienced amazing results with the Raindrop Massage technique. After graduating from MSMB in 2005, she went on to study Cranial Sacral Therapy. Lori is passionate about learning how the body communicates and functions as a whole. She uses a combination of deep muscle relaxation techniques, Cranial Sacral and Young Living Oils to support the body’s own natural healing abilities. Lori believes massage is a great benefit to all of the working systems of the body.  It supports emotional well-being and is a wonderful way for people to get in touch with how their body communicates with them. 

Jamie Headshot August 2019.jpg

Jamie Dunham - Massage Therapist


Jamie's Story: Jamie learned the value of a strong and functioning body through her medical career. She desired a career that would allow her to be  an engaged mom to her precious children. Jamie attended Brown College for massage therapy and has walked into the calling of her life by pursuing massage therapy. As a gifted massage therapist, she works specifically with an integrated muscle technique in addition to relaxation, prenatal, and deep tissue massage.

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