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Jamie Book - Integrative Health Coach

As an Integrative Health Coach serving the community of Revolution, it is my honor to operate as a wellness authority and supportive mentor who humbly yet boldly will motivate individuals to cultivate positive health choices.


As Revolution's Integrative Health Coach, I look to educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. 

To see if this program is the right fit for you; set up a 15 minute phone consultation with Jamie at no charge.



What is Integrative Health Coaching?



Total of six, 50 minute sessions where we will cover and assess

all aspects of your well being - body, mind and spirit and get you going on

a whole new path to health and wholeness. Includes body compostion

analysis to track healing and progress along the way.



2 HOUR INTENSIVE HEALTH MAKEOVER - $295                                                                       
One time consult where we will review your health "Before" and plan for

your "After" with goals and action plans.



IN-HOME PANTRY SWEEP - $350                                                                                             
Allow us to come to you! During this 90 minute visit, we will go through

your kitchen and help you set the stage for your new beginning! 20 mile

maximum distance from Revolution.



PERSONAL GROCERY SHOPPING TOUR - $350                                                                     
We will be your guide in the store and location of your choosing. 90 minute

in store session. 20 mile maximum distance from Revolution. 



I want it all! 2 Hour Intensive Health Makeover, In-Home Pantry Sweep and

Personalized Grocery Shopping Tour.




"Jamie was an answer to prayer. Both my husband and I decided to have Jamie as our Health Coach. She has started us on a clean eating lifestyle that is now producing health benefits beyond our expectations; which includes lower blood pressure and weight loss. We are grateful to be on this journey together with Jamie."          

Pat & Chuck




"After experiencing chronic bronchitis, and neeeding to use steroids and a breath inhaler my heart rate was too high. With Jamie's direction and coaching I was encouraged to try a cleanse and a reset of my system with supplements and nutritional guidance. The inflammation of my brochial system was reduced dramatically. I am no longer on the sythetic medications. With Jamie's encouragement and knowledge of what I needed, I now know better how to maintain my upper respiratory health. Thank you Jamie!"





"Jamie has a comprehensive and caring approach. She finds creative ways to help you meet your nutitional goals within the realm and context of your life."





"Over the past seven years I have learned from Jamie's personal journey of healing. She was so gracious to share knowledge and the best approach to tackling the intestinal issues, fatigue and inflammation I experienced. Today I am enjoying wellness in my body and soul because of Jamie's health coaching and consistent investment into my life."



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