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Detox & Wellness

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Meet Our Director of True Cellular Detox:  Kelli Schulte, MA, PScD

Hello! I am a wife and mother of five children.  I have a passion for seeing people walk strong and healthy doing what they are created to do.  Personally I have walked through a journey with my own health and the health of three of my children.  All our health challenges were deemed "uncurable" (Ulcerative Colitis/IBS, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Aspegergers- and all that entails, Pineal Cyst) in the medical world, however God had a better plan for all of us.  We all now walk in VICTORY fully healed, healthy, and whole doing what the Lord created us to do!  Years of journeying has created in me a tenacious spirit to find the root of what is going on, remove it, and allow the body to heal.  And God is faithful everytime to lead and heal!  It is my privlege to be able to do this af Rev!  Watching people walk in victory and get a passion to share their victory with outehr bring me so much joy and keeps me fighting for those who are in their journey to VICTORY!

What Sets Revolution's Detox & Wellness Program Apart

  • We find the source, remove it, allowing the body to heal!

  • We implement & utilize the True Cellular Detox program developed by Dr. Daniel Pompa:  (Click Link for details)

  • We work in conjunction with the TCD Support Team.  This allows us a network of practioners to consult with to personalize your program for ultimate success in meeting your health goals!

Multiple Programs to Meet Your Needs:

90 Day JumpStart Detox Program: Individual Detox

  • An individualized one on one detox and wellness coaching experience with all the support and resources you will need to meet your health goal and bring healing and restoration to your entire being!

Amalgam Removal Detox: Individual Detox

  • A individualized one on one heavy metals detox as you get your amalgam fillings removed.  From finding a dentist that will remove your fillings safely to preparing your body for the process, pre/post dental procedures, followed by extenisve and effective heavy metal detox will leave you stronger and healthier than you have ever been!

Weight Loss Program:  Weight Loss

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