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Filling Removal and Heavy Metal Detox

Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can manifest as mental confusion, pain in muscles and joints, headaches, short term memory loss, stomach/digestion issues, food intolerances/allergies, vision problems, chronic fatigue, aggitation, irritability, depression, anxiety and others.  At REV we have a comprehensive protocol to support you as your get mercury fillings removed followed by a complete detox program following removal to rid your body and brain of heavy metals. 


For more on symtoms of specific types of metal toxicity see this link:

Program Details: 

2 in office appointments:  consisting of initial and final Neurotoxicity screening which includes:  Visual Contract Sensativity

Testing, a Neurotoxic  Questionnaire analysis, MetaOxy (cellular inflammation) Testing, and Bio Impediance Analysis.  A comprehensive health history examination will also be completed.  You will receive your True Cellular Detox Plan consisting fo support before, during, and after filling removal. You will complete a comprehensive deotxification program which includes access to the True Cellular Detox training portal, 90 day menu planning guide with recipes and shopping list, detox smoothie recipes and all detox supplements.  This plan is set up to take place over a 90 day time frame.


Dentists we recommend that remove mercury safely:  (SMART Certification/Training)

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